Gentleman’s Personalised Style Guide

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The Style Personalised Style Guide is a creation of your very own digital fashion bible which is catered specifically for individuals that do not require face to face time with their stylist, yet require detailed information such as identifying what body-shape they are to what cuts, colours and styles work for their shape and colouring.

This customised online service is available to both men and women who may have a need or love for online shopping yet often find themselves making poor purchase choices (frequent returns or items that stay sitting unworn in the wardrobe). It will address any style concerns whilst identifying what works best for your shape and advising of styles, colours and cuts you should avoid.

Available Australia Wide Single Session Available Group Sessiob Available

Perfect For:
It’s the perfect service for those that live in rural or smaller urban areas with limited shopping choices and ideal for individuals who are seeking a more cost effective personal styling option to help kick-start a much needed wardrobe and style update.

This Service Includes:
Your all-inclusive personalised style guide will include current season in-store (relative to your location) and online shopping options so you are able to make instant purchases and get your wardrobe on its way to working 'for' rather than 'against' you. What’s more, it will be full of useful tips that will help keep your wardrobe rounded out and up to date.

Whether you’re after a fashion savvy edge or a more polished style to be introduced to your current look, your handy Style Guide will be an invaluable asset in getting you on your way.

This uniquely tailored service is available for absolutely anyone who wants to take their style to the next level… and best of all you don’t even have to leave your house to take advantage of it! 


  • I’ve definitely seen the benefit of the The Style Agency’s service and will absolutely use you again in the future. Thanks so much!
    — Marcus Ellison, 27, QLD

    The Gentlemans Style Makeover

  • Bridgette from The Style Agency was fantastic in sourcing and advising on a radical improvement in my wardrobe. Blokes should however be aware that their women folk, upon seeing the new wardrobe, will demand a trip with Bridgette as well!
    — Rick, 45

    The Gentlemans Style Makeover

  • have been fortunate enough to experience the dedication and talent of Labrini from The Style Agency as she continues to provide me with unique personal styling services.
    — Justin, 26

    The Gentlemans Style Makeover

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    The Gentlemans Style Makeover

Gentleman's 2 or 3 hour Shop

This service includes: 
2 or 3 hour personal shop with your very own professional Personal Fashion Stylist. 

Take the hassle out of shopping and gain a clear direction of your style with a personally tailored shopping trip that will give you that much needed tweak or overhaul to your current look. 

We'll get you looking your finest and achieving all your style needs in a matter of hours! This can be done on any budget to suit any lifestyle or taste. 

This service is ideal for those who are time poor and/or for those who would like to update their current wardrobe with ease and confidence.

Gentleman's Makeover

Combining The Style Gentlemans 2 or 3 hour Shop with dapper hair cut from one of our exclusive hairdressing partners. 

This service includes: 

2 or 3 hour personal shop with a Fashion Stylist. 

Dashing Men's Hair cut with one of The Style Agency's trusted professional hair partners. 

Enjoy a productive and purposes filled day at the shops with your very own professional fashion stylist as you pick up some great much needed items whether that be for work, smart casual wear, an up and coming holiday or special event you are attending. Whatever the occasion or reason, our professional team of stylists will have you on your way to looking your finest all whilst remaining true to yourself and your budget.

You'll also receive a styled hair cut of your choice with the help of your personal stylist and creative hair team to polish off your new look.

This all inclusive and affordable service is ideal should you have a special occasion to head out to later that night or weekend as well as makes for the perfect Father's Day, Birthday or Anniversary gift for one very special dad or husband!


Gentleman's Wardrobe Audit

This service includes: 

1 hour wardrobe audit with a professional Fashion Stylist. 

Do you need help simplifying your wardrobe or often struggle when it comes to mixing and matching pieces together to create complete outfits? Or are you perhaps just a little unsure of whether it's all making sense in that 30 x 80 space of clothes? 

If so, then why not let one of The Style Agency's professional Fashion Stylists help by advising on everything from fashion pieces that may have previously worked (but aren't anymore) to mixing and matching existing items you own that will be perfect in creating a more put together and styled you.

Your fashion stylist is a true professional and is crafty at discovering gorgeous forgotten or dismissed pieces in your wardrobe that will give you a fresh, updated and styled look all whilst utilising your existing clothing and accessories and thus, eliminating the need to spend a single cent at the stores!

Your Personal Fashion Stylist will advise you on everything from what’s working in your existing wardrobe (which can then be worn to create more outfits), to key pieces that may be missing.

During your appointment, your Personal Fashion Stylist will gladly answer any questions you may have including giving you guidance in making new purchase choices that suit your style, body shape, budget, lifestyle, and personality should you be in need of a few key pieces to compliment your current collection.

This service is great value for anyone who doesn’t necessarily want or need to go shopping but still wants a tweak in their look along with a strong understanding of how to look great by mixing and matching existing pieces all whilst utilising their current wardrobe.

The Style Wardrobe Audit is also a wonderful money saving add-on should you be looking to book a Style Shop.  By including a fun, educational and extensive Wardrobe Audit prior to your shop, your stylist will then be able to clearly assess what key pieces are missing in your wardrobe plus be aware of what brilliant existing items you already own.

These can then be matched to work with any new purchases, and thus ensuring you have a multiple of fab new and improved looks by blending your current wardrobe with any new additions and in turn, eliminating the risk of any doubling up.

See The Style Shop with The Style Wardrobe Audit for this cost efficient and fun service!

Gentlemans Wardrobe Audit

Combining The Style 2 hour shop and The Style Wardobe Audit. 

This service includes: 

2 hour personal shop with a professional Personal Fashion Stylist 

– plus – 

1 hour wardrobe audit professional Personal Fashion Stylist. 

This thorough and fun package is one not to be missed! It combines two of our extensive and popular services, The Style Wardrobe Audit followed by The Style 2 hour shop-The perfect service for anyone who wants to get their look and wardrobe in complete order whilst saving money and gaining a directional and instantly implemented understanding of how to make their wardrobe work for them.

The Style Shop with The Style Wardrobe Audit not only includes a great day at the shops with your very own personal fashion stylist but also combines a productive 1 hour consultation that begins at your home which really gets to the nitty gritty of what's working in your wardrobe to what's still needed plus mixing and matching pieces to make some fabulous new looks.

Service areas:

Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth

Gentleman's Colour Analysis

This service includes: 

2 Hour Colour Analysis with a qualified Colour Analysis consultant. 

Complimentary Colour Swatches. 

Discover the important role that colour plays in achieving a flawless look! Wearing colours that compliment your personal colour characteristics takes years off your face and enhances your complexion whilst adding vibrance. 

Do you know if you have warm or cool colouring? 

Did you know we can determine this by your skin's under tone which falls into one of nine colour directions or groups.

By booking an in-depth Colour Analysis you will learn everything there is to know about what colours work for you and which do not.

Your in-depth and very exciting analysis starts with your Colour Analysis Consultant coming to either your home or chosen location to work out your value and colour contrast levels along with going through each colour in your swatch (which you will be given to keep). You and your consultant will then evaluate each of them, picking the best eye and skin enhancing colours as well assessing your light, dark, neutral, fashion (bright) and investment colours.

Your Colour Analysis Consultant will work with you to establish which colours have undertones of ‘warm’ or ‘cool’ in them so you can then identify which shades or tints of colour to look out for when you're out buying new clothes or accessories.

Further to this, you will be introduced to fabrics in this all inclusive service which will give you a strong education of the different weaves, textiles and finishes that will enhance your colouring and have you glowing flawlessly.

Did you know that some skin tones react differently to matt or shiny fabrics? As a result this has a big effect on colour, making some colours work differently depending on what fabric they are used with.

During your analysis you will receive your very own swatches and booklet which cover your colour profile, value and colour contrasts, personality contrasts, investment buys and best light, dark and neutrals.

You'llexcitingly discover how you should wear black (What? There are more ways than one?!!) And what the best denims, metals, glasses frames, lenses, shoes and accessories are best suited to you.

You'll be educated on what the different colours mean and how they will contrast with you along with how to use your very own swatches so you can communicate with your specific colours when out shopping for clothing, and accessories.


The Style Colour Analysis is a fun and highly educational service ideal for those who want to get a strong and educated understanding of colours and fabrics that work for and against them. It's a wonderful stand alone service but it also makes for the perfect add on to any Wardrobe Audit or Shopping Trip.

Service areas:

Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Perth & London

Gentleman’s Personal Shopping Service

Stay right where you are and have your brand new wardrobe delivered to your door! The Style Personal Shopping Service is a tailored styling option, designed for individuals that are either time poor or lack confidence in shopping for themselves. It is also an ideal service for those that live in rural/regional locations that have limited shopping options in their local area. You may also wish to consider this all-inclusive service should you be seeking a more affordable, convenient and alternative shopping choice.

How it Works: Once your new client form is filled out, received and then assessed by our styling team, The Style Agency team begin the process of matching you to the most suitable stylist that is skilled and specialised in meeting your styling needs.

After a match has been made we will then email you a profile of your selected stylist who will be shopping on your behalf. Your stylists profile will include their bio, an image of them, client testimonials and imagery of their work. It's all very exciting as each stylist is hand selected by our savvy styling team who are meticulous, skilful and thorough in selecting the most suitable creative for our clients; and are the most expert in ensuring our clients achieve their every fashion desire.

With the gathered information obtained from your client form along with any additional information and imagery you may wish to provide, your stylist will be ready to hit the stores on your behalf for a targeted and successful shop.

Your stylist is expert at sourcing the very best retailers and brands at the best price whilst being relative to your individual styling needs. You will enjoy large discounts with retailers on most purchases just by having a stylist shop for you, more often than not the service then paying for itself through exclusive stylist entitlements.

Your stylist will purchase and put together incredible looks to complete your wardrobe all within your set budget. You need not to worry about a thing but look forward to a new convenient way of shopping and a brand new you!

All your purchases will couriered to you in a matter of days with all receipts included in the event that any returns are necessary. 

Additional, you will also receive your very own in-depth and personalised Style Guide which pertains to everything from identifying which body shape you are to what colours and cuts you should lean towards and avoid. This will also include brands that suit your current lifestyle, comfortable shopping spend and newly transformed style. 

Gift Shopping

This service includes: 
A specialised shopping trip designed for picking and purchasing the most perfect gift (at any budget) for that perfectly adored someone. Whether it be something completely unique, or something desperately needed for the kitchen to the wardrobe, this service ensures the recipient receives the ultimate thought out gift by you, just for them. 

How it works
One of The Style Agency's most elite and hand selected shopping savvy Personal Shoppers or stylists, hits the shops on your behalf to buy that exceptional something for that exceptional someone. Client (person who is booking the service) can be present on request.

Our team of professionals not only know how to shop, and shop well, but also know where to shop to get the best value and the best something special available. They also have top priority when it comes to any waiting lists should you be after a particular in-demand something.

Size’s need to be specified along with a budget and photo of the gift recipient should the gift be jewellery, clothing or accessories.

The Style, All done for you Gift Shopping service is ideal for anyone who wants to spoil and get it right, but may be a little time poor or a little unsure as to what the very best or suited is for a much loved someone. It's also a valuable service to those who live in areas that do not necessarily have access to a wide choice of options or stores to purchase from.

The Style Agency have priority order and buying access to the most exclusive collections and brands.

This service comes to you at an affordable cost and often saving you money as our team know where the very best is at the very best price. They can also help to ascertain for you what it is that special someone would absolutely love upon receiving particular and specific details about the recipient.

Why not treat someone special to receiving the most personally thought out gift and book this gorgeous service to ensure you have one happy someone when it comes to giving them the ideal something.

Purchase/s made can either be picked up or delivered directly to you or the very lucky gift recipient.

  • I’ve definitely seen the benefit of the The Style Agency’s service and will absolutely use you again in the future. Thanks so much!
    — Marcus Ellison, 27, QLD

    The Gentlemans Style Makeover

  • Bridgette from The Style Agency was fantastic in sourcing and advising on a radical improvement in my wardrobe. Blokes should however be aware that their women folk, upon seeing the new wardrobe, will demand a trip with Bridgette as well!
    — Rick, 45

    The Gentlemans Style Makeover

  • have been fortunate enough to experience the dedication and talent of Labrini from The Style Agency as she continues to provide me with unique personal styling services.
    — Justin, 26

    The Gentlemans Style Makeover

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    The Gentlemans Style Makeover