Personal Styling Q&A

Some questions you may be pondering on and wanting to know before you excitingly book a Personal Shopping Trip, Package or Wardrobe Audit with your very own Personal Fashion Stylist.

What are some of the reasons I might have for wanting to book in a shopping trip or wardrobe audit with a Personal Stylist/Image Consultant?

There are many. Perhaps you're in a rut, always buying the same thing and due to that, sticking to the same look over and over again and never feel like you're truly showcasing yourself in the way you'd like to as your “look” has no reflection on who you are.

Maybe you have a few soon-to-expire retail gift vouchers that need a focused and well organised workout rather than a useless spend. Or you’re very much over your day-in, day-out look for the school run or have had a baby in the past few years and have found that your body shape has changed yet your wardrobe has not.

Perhaps you get overwhelmed when you walk into a store and see all the choices, a form of mental paralysis sets in and you leave with nothing except a heightened sense of frustration.

Maybe you have an important event or new job coming up and need to feel prepared and develop more confidence and by doing so gain an advantage over the others or leave a strong impression. Or perhaps, you just feel clueless in general about how to put yourself together and are needing a little guidance.

Having someone with an objective and professional expert eye looking at your wardrobe with you and/or shopping with you can make all the difference to not only your image but life. These are just a few of the many reasons for engaging a Personal Fashion Stylist to make your life easier and to give you piece of mind along with new found confidence and happiness!

If I include a wardrobe audit, do I have to get rid of a lot of things?

Our role as Personal Stylists is to guide you in making decisions about your existing wardrobe. You make the final decision about what to get rid of, store away, give to a friend or relative, have altered, or keep. Often many “not working” pieces can be gorgeously worn by giving it a slight alteration whether that be by getting it tailored to your shape more fittingly or hemming a few centre metres. Your Personal Fashion Stylist has a discerning eye and can advise on any garment that you may want to salvage should it be salvageable.

Do I choose where we shop or does the Personal Fashion Stylist?

Personal Fashion Stylists/Shoppers do not impose their tastes on you — that's critical to know. Choosing where to shop is a collaborative effort. We guide you based on your lifestyle, location, body shape, personal style and budget. We can shop at any store from main stream department stores to mid range and high end fashion boutiques along with designer collections.

How organised do I need to be in advance of a wardrobe consultation?

That's completely up to you. Some clients lay things out that they are particularly interested in looking at and others just open their closet doors and we start at the very beginning!
We’ve found what works best is having a Yes, No and Maybe pile from everything from your Shoes to Clothes to Accessories as we can then not only asses each piece you own but also match things up together to give some extra insight as to what works with what in your wardrobe from styles, colours and individual pieces.
Clients often find they have many hidden treasures of clothing or accessories they never knew they could utilise well. It’s quite fun and exciting when things that had previously been dismissed are all of a sudden rediscovered and worn as a staple piece often eliminating the need of buying something that they thought was missing.

Do Personal Stylists work with plus size women?

We work with women of all sizes and shapes. We know for a fact that all women, regardless of size and shape, can be the most stunning in the room. Our goal as Personal Stylists is to help you feel and radiate your individual beauty! Besides, even in the modelling world Plus Sized models are just as sort after as petite models.

Is there anything else I need to know before working with a Personal Fashion Stylist?

Just one thing. As Personal Fashion Stylists, we have one shopping rule: You must try on anything we ask you to try on. You don't have to buy it, but trying it on can be eye opening and expand your options of colours, styles, accessories and fabrics that look fabulous on you!
Now... Let’s get stylin’..!


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