Duo Shopping Trip

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Mens Duo Stylign.jpg

Duo Shopping Trip

from 627.00

This Service Includes:

  • A combined version of the Gentleman’s 3 Hour Shop [Alex can you do a jump to hyperlink to the Gentleman’s 3 Hour Shop so people can jump up to this]
  • Comprehensive digital post consultation Style Guide for both participants.
  • This detailed and personalised guide pertains to everything from their physic to colours, brands and styles that both should lean towards and avoid. It also covers grooming [and hair and make-up should there be a female participant], along with savvy styling tips relative to their lifestyle and newly updated personal style.
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This uber fun and discounted service includes a combined 3 Hour Shop for two participants and is the perfect service for couples looking for a much needed wardrobe update.

Perfect for:

It’s ideal for those looking for a cost effective service that are needing a whole new season update or simply an injection of key pieces which may be missing from their wardrobe.