Gentleman's Wardrobe Audit

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Mens Wardrobe audit.jpg

Gentleman's Wardrobe Audit

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This Service Includes:

  • Wardrobe Assessment - Analysing what is being worn and what isn’t along with identifying what key pieces are missing
  • Co-Ordination - Getting your wardrobe in a working and more efficient order
  • Application - Mixing and matching existing pieces, advising of pieces that can be salvaged through alterations and which pieces have seen better days. This also includes the opportunity for you to be able to photograph these complete looks [flat lays] so that you can keep these as references for when you’re dressing.
  • Comprehensive digital post consultation Style Guide. This detailed and personalised guide pertains to everything from your physic to colours, brands and styles that you should lean towards and avoid. It also covers men’s grooming, along with savvy styling tips relative to your lifestyle and newly updated personal style.


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Do you need help simplifying your wardrobe or often struggle when it comes to mixing and matching pieces together to create a complete [and properly coordinated] outfit?

Our Gentleman’s Wardrobe Audit is a wonderful and affordable service to book as a stand alone service or tee’ed up with a colour analysis, shopping or makeover as you will already have pieces that you can utilise and mix and match with new purchases, thus saving you money and ensuring you don’t double up on any items. Your wardrobe will become one that works for rather than possibly against you.

Your Stylist will:

  • Mix and match your existing wardrobe [inclusive of accessories, shoes and clothing], creating new outfits and showing you how to use your accessories to enhance your image

  • Identify key pieces that are missing and suggest new items to purchase that will round out your wardrobe

  • Advise on cuts, fabrics, colours and styles that work for you. This includes colour analysis where your stylist will ascertain what base seasonal colour palette you are

  • Advise on items that are salvageable with alteration and prepare [pin] these for you

  • Advise of a useful order that you can keep your wardrobe by organising and categorising your wardrobe to maximise efficiency

  • Identify staple pieces for the current season and seasons to come

The whole point of a wardrobe audit is to create a more efficient working wardrobe that is constantly being used [not as a storage unit].

By the end of your wardrobe audit, your wardrobe will be transformed into an organised space filled with clothing and accessory pieces that specifically work for you whilst creating room for pieces which are possibly missing. This in turn will not only be somewhat therapeutic but will ensure that your wardrobe is working to maximum efficiency by being versatile but also incorporating your own unique and easy to maintain style that excites you about getting dressed of a morning.

Perfect For:

Any gent who has a wardrobe that needs it working for rather than possibly against them.

Service cities: This service can take place at any residential or hotel location within the below mentioned cities -
Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Canberra & Perth