Women's Personalised Style Guide

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Women's Personalised Style Guide


This service includes:

A comprehensive digital personalised style guide [in PDF format].

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A Personalised Style Guide is the creation of your very own digital fashion and beauty bible which is catered specifically for individuals that do not require face to face time with their stylist, yet require detailed information such as identifying what body-shape they are and which colour palette they comfortably sit within to what cuts, fabrics and styles work for their shape.

We ascertain what your fashion, hair and make-up needs are and create a style guide around these.

A Personalised Style Guide is a convenient and comprehensive way of having all of your styling needs addressed whilst being our most affordable service yet!

It will address any style concerns whilst identifying what works best for your shape and advising of styles, colours and cuts you should avoid.

Your all-inclusive personalised style guide can include current season in-store [relative to your location] and online shopping options so you are able to make instant purchases and get your wardrobe on its way to working 'for' rather than 'against' you. What’s more, it will be full of useful tips that will help keep your wardrobe rounded out and up to date.

Whether you’re after a fashion savvy edge or a more polished style to be introduced to your current look, your handy Style Guide will be an invaluable asset in getting you on your way.

Perfect for:

It’s the perfect service for those that live in rural or smaller urban areas with limited shopping choices and ideal for individuals who are seeking a more cost effective personal styling option to help kick-start a much needed wardrobe and style update.

This customised online service is available to both men and women who may have a need or love for online shopping yet often find themselves making poor purchase choices [frequent returns or items that stay sitting unworn in the wardrobe].

This uniquely tailored service is available to absolutely anyone who wants to take their style to the next level… and best of all you don’t even have to leave your home to take advantage of it!