TSA Talks Bridal Tips with MNDY Photography


If you're in the midst of planning your wedding, I'm sure you can totally relate - no one truly understands until they start planning one, but weddings are a minefield. So many ins and outs, decisions to be made, tricks of the trade, things people think you just should know even if you don’t and the pressure to get it all completely perfect for your one special day! (Exhausted just reading this?)

I won’t kid you, weddings can be challenging, costly and all consuming, and as your wedding day looms closer, you will get to a point where you just have to whittle that shortlist down to one and make some serious decisions.

Once those big decisions are all made, you are free to enjoy engaged life with your fiancé and get ridiculously excited about your wedding day, because it will absolutely be, one of the most amazing days you will ever have.

Here’s some tips and tricks from the best in the biz to make a sometimes super stressful time, that little bit more manageable. In this post we cover two critical items to kick start the rest of the planning - the venue and the celebrant.

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The Style Agency - Website Relaunch

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The Style Agency Recommended by The Women's Agenda

In 2014 very few modern families can rely on a stereotypical 1920s housewife to keep the home fires burning. Yet the domestic workload hasn't shrunk. Whilst ideally the workload is shared, the reality isfor many working women.

Thankfully the Internet is a saviour of sorts; it has created a number of solutions to help us easily outsource some of the domestic workload.

Helpling, an online cleaning platform, has compiled a list of five online services that can help modern families. Whether it's a one-off in a busy week or a regular part of your repertoire these services will help free up some time.

Home Cleaning – Helpling - If you want a job done right, sometimes you need to hire someone else to do it! Helpling is a platform connecting Australians in need with local cleaners. The website asks customers to enter their location, cleaning requirements and the required date. Helpling then matches these bookings with local cleaners. Afterwards, cleaners can be rated and re-booked, all at the touch of a button. Helpling is currently available in Sydney but will be expanded later this year.
Find a babysitter – Babysitter Search - Looking after children can be stressful and demanding and so can finding a babysitter – not anymore! Babysitter Search connects babysitters and parents with a location-based platform. Simply enter your postcode, and in seconds you can find babysitters in your area and browse their credentials and send them a message.
Home food delivery – Menulog - You've had a busy day and the last thing you want to do is cook – let alone clean up the dishes afterwards! Why not order food online the easy way: with Menulog. Menulog connects you with thousands of restaurants that deliver in your area – Thai, Chinese, Italian – you name it!. Enter your postcode, select a cuisine, and then place your order. There are also user speed ratings and a promotions list to help you decide – something you don't get on food delivery hotlines.
Stylist services – The Style Agency - Sometimes me-time is put to the wayside when there are so many other errands to complete. Being time-poor can make self-styling a difficult procedure before you go out on the town. So why not outsource this task to an expert? The Style Agency matches men and women's styling needs with the right expert. Whether you fancy a makeover, a wardrobe review or need a personal shopper to help you out, The Style Agency can help you with all your personal styling duties.
Handyman services – Hire a Hubby - So you've got a leaking roof, a broken fence or some patchy painting? How are you supposed to make time for these jobs in amongst working fulltime, doing the laundry, feeding the family, helping with homework, and at least trying to maintain a social life? Why not outsource these jobs to a handyman with Hire a Hubby. This online platform provides 'Hubbies' who can get your odd jobs done.

Written by Holly Jones, The Women's Agenda.
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The Style Agency in Lawyers Weekly

Fashion stylists offer tips on how to dress to command respect, inspire trust and convey a polished, professional image.

Bridgette Kirk (pictured) and Amy Billington-Li from The Style Agency claim that clothing can play a role in gaining a client’s trust and the respect of colleagues. Scuffed shoes or a crooked tie, for example, can be a reflection of the lawyer’s attention-to-detail in the eyes of a client, Billington-Li explained.

Even those who dress smartly can let their look down by wearing an ill-fitting suit, she added, urging lawyers to invest in a well-fitting suit that complements their frame.

“A bespoke fit from a tailor can’t be beaten and most high-end designers offer this service to their customers free-of-charge,” she told Lawyers Weekly.

To female lawyers who aren’t required to wear suits, Kirk recommends a selection of smart, tailored, knee-length dresses in block colours such as black, grey, navy, cream or burgundy.

A common fashion faux pas among lawyers is “dressing like a cliché”, said Kirk. She advises both men and women to carefully accessorise if they want to stand out from the suited crowd.

“Putting touches of your own personality into your everyday look will help you stand out from the sea of black and white suits,” she said, adding that women can add a silk scarf to a corporate-style dress, while men can complement a tailored suit with a smart watch.

Science appears to back the stylists’ view that you are what you wear. Recent research from Northwestern University in the US suggests that clothing can influence how individuals behave and, subsequently, perform in the workplace.

The study examined the concept of “enclothed cognition”, which is defined as “the systematic influence that clothes have on the wearer’s psychological processes”.

“Although the saying goes that clothes do not make the man, our results suggest that they do hold a strange power over their wearers,” study authors Adam Galinsky and Adam Hajo write.

To support their hypothesis, the researchers distributed white lab coats to participants, telling some that it was a doctor’s coat and others that it was a painter’s smock. All participants performed the same task, but those wearing the ‘doctor’s coat’ were more careful and attentive.

The researchers concluded that individual performance can be influenced by their clothing.

Written by Leanne Mezrani, Lawyers Weekly,
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The Style Agency on News.com.au, Mens Style Advice

WOMEN aren't the only ones who can use accessories to complete their professional look and stand out from the grey-suited crowd.

"Accessorising for men is a little different than for women as there are fewer choices, but it is just as important," says corporate style adviser Cosimina Nesci.

"Most men look like clones when they go to work, but accessories are a great way to show others that you have a polished complete look. If used correctly they allow one to show individuality while still looking appropriately dressed for the job."

Creative director for personal fashion consultancy The Style Agency Kash O'Hara agrees: "Looking the part in the corporate world can add to your credibility, your confidence and the way that people perceive you."

So whether you are going for a job interview, pitching to a new client, closing a deal, or hoping to be promoted accessorising well can give you an advantage and show that you take yourself and your work seriously.

Story by News.com.au,
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The Style Agency on News.com.au

THERE are just some things a girl can't do without, but when you are accessorising in the corporate world, what you choose can project the perfect image... or the wrong one.

The good news is what's acceptable has become more flexible and a lot more colourful.

Bridgette Kirk, creative director of personal fashion consultancy The Style Agency says the biggest change we have seen with corporate women's accessories is variety and accessibility.

"Women are not just wearing your classic black pumps with a black leather handbag (which is a good starting point), but they are branching out by adding colour," Ms Kirk says.

But corporate style advisor Cosimina Nesci warns: “If used properly accessories can add to your personality or make you stand out for the wrong reasons."

That's why it is important to choose carefully and consider what message you are sending.

Click through our gallery of a dozen tips and must-haves for the busy executive woman.


The accessories you wear to work are not the same ones you wear on a Saturday night.

1.    Accessories are a great way to show others that you have a polished complete look. If used correctly they allow one to show individuality while still looking appropriately dressed for the job.

2.    Remember you need to be seen and remembered for your expertise not what you are wearing.

3.    Get the best quality you can buy.

4.    Accessories should be timeless and should not reflect fashion trends – unless you are in the fashion or creative industry.

5.    Accessories should not overpower you but instead add to your professional image.

Written by Debra Taylor, News.com.au,
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Travel Style - Not In Kansas Anymore

Airports are fascinating places. Not only do they sizzle with emotion, passion and excitement, but you never know who you’re going to meet in transit. It’s a place for first and lasting impressions. Whether you’re off to your neighbouring state for a domestic getaway or doing a global 180, comfort and style can co-exist and the celebrity stylists at The Style Agency can prove it.

The ladies at The Style Agency list Megan Gale, The Veronicas and Katrina Roundtree among their extensive A-List clients. We got the scoop from its creative director and personal stylist Bridgette Kirk and celebrity and personal stylists Kash O’Hara and Jo Shields.

Bridgette tells us there’s no need to prioritise comfort or style when dressing up for plane travel. She starts by advising travellers to wear their favourite pair of jeans in blue, black or dark denim. For obvious reasons, she says no to white and lights.

“Avoid white or light colours especially on long flights because turbulence can often cause things to spill or fall on you, also, you never know who you’re sitting next to,” Bridgette says.

“Try and find a denim with stretch content so that you feel comfortable on the plane. Sass & Bide, OHARA denim jeans or J-brand jeans are perfect as they have some stretch content.”

Bridgette suggests selecting a loose fitting top that’s comfortable, yet stylish.

A pashmina or scarf is also a must-invest option as it can double up as a blanket to keep you warm when the on-flight air-conditioning plays up.

“We also suggest wearing flat shoes – ballet flats or loafers are pefect – but pack a pair of socks to keep your feet warm should you not be flying business or first,” Bridgette says.
“Sambag or H-Brand have some great leather ballet flats at the moment and no brand can beat Todds for a comfy yet trendy pair of loafers for both men and women.”

Written by Hannah Silverman, Not In Kansas Anymore.
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