Home Hair & Make Up Session


Home Hair & Make Up Session


This Service Includes:

  • 2 hour educational and application of hair and make up looks with your very own Celebrity Hair & Make Up Artist
  • Complimentary beauty pack with a minimum value of $70.00
  • Face Map
  • Following your exciting session you will also receive a digital [PDF format] hair and make-up guide
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Your Professional Hair & Make Up Artist will come to your home or chosen location for a 2 hour hands on consultation, and demonstrate step by step new, easy-to-do and ready to wear hair styles and make-up looks for weekday, weekend and special occasions.
Excitingly, this is all with one of Australia’s leading hair and make-up professionals who also work with celebrities on a daily basis. Should you have a look that you’ve seen in a magazine that you just love, there’s a good chance it has been created by one of our highly skilled creative’s.
Your Professional Hair and Make Up Artist can happily replicate and demonstrate step by step any look you like or want to learn so be sure to have some clippings of these on hand should you have a particular look [or looks] in mind. Otherwise sit back and let them guide you on a multiple of colours, shades and ready to wear looks and styles that work specifically for you.

You will be shown a variety of different looks and given the opportunity to personally apply your favourite’s so you’ve got it down pat when you’re mastering it yourself.

This door-to-door service is created with personalised attention, which unlike generic lessons at cosmetic counter’s has no expectation and push to buy products but instead offers an abundance of fun and informative special attention with no extra cost.

Perfect for:

For any woman wanting to get an understanding of what make-up and hair looks work specifically for her and how to reproduce these looks with ease.

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Service Cities: This service can take place at any shopping location within the below mentioned cities. Additional service cities are available upon request.
Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, *Gold Coast [travel fee applicable], Perth & Adelaide
Cost: Prices vary depending on how many hours you book for any straight shopping service.