Wardrobe, Hair & Makeup


Wardrobe, Hair & Makeup


This Service Includes:

  • 1.5 Hour Wardrobe Audit
  • 1.5 Hour Home, Hair & Make-up Session
  • Face Map
  • Beauty pack with a minimum value of $70.00
  • Comprehensive post service digital style guide that pertains to everything from your body shape to colours, brands and styles that you should lean towards and avoid. It also covers hair, make-up and skincare, along with savvy styling tips relative to your lifestyle and newly updated personal style.
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This at home service includes all that is seen within our Wardrobe Audit service along with Home, Hair & Make-up Session

You have the choice of your service taking place all on the same day or over 2 separate days and it includes a 1.5 Hour Wardrobe Audit with 1.5 Hair & Make-up Session.

Perfect for:

This cost and time efficient service is the perfect at home service for those that are seeking to address all of their styling, hair and make-up needs.

Only available in Sydney, Melbourne & Adelaide. Additional service areas available upon request at an additional cost.

  • I have had a lot of pleasure wearing my new purchases, and feel I achieved a lot in a short time, with her help. It was a lot of fun to hear her say to the sales people in the shops: “I'm her personal stylist” - made me feel like a celeb
    — Lori Katzer, 50, Marketing Agent

    The Style 3 Hour Shop, NZ

  • I already have received lots of compliments for my outfits (even from my husband!) I would love for Bridgette to help me sort out my existing wardrobe and hope to make another booking soon.
    — Ilse T & Natalie T

    Mother & Daughter Makeover

  • This has been my second style session with The Style Agency and their stylist Amy. I went to the first session after some weight-loss, hoping for a confidence boost and she over delivered
    — Claire McWilliam

    The Style Makeover + The Style 3 Hour Shop

  • It made shopping fun rather than a chore and I would highly recommend Clare from The Style Agency as a fantastic personal stylist!
    — Reenah, 26

    Style Wardrobe Audit