Colour Analysis

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Colour Analysis

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This service includes:

  • 2 Hour Colour Analysis with a qualified and professional Colour Analysis Consultant.

  • Seasonal Colour Swatch Wallet [that is yours to keep] which cover your colour profile, value and colour contrasts, personality contrasts, investment buys and best light, dark and neutrals.

  • Comprehensive post consultation digital Style Guide.This detailed and personalised guide pertains to everything from your body shape and colour palette to brands and styles that you should lean towards and avoid. It also covers hair, make-up and skincare, along with savvy styling tips relative to your lifestyle and newly updated personal style.

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Discover the important role that colour plays in achieving a flawless look! Wearing colours that compliment your personal colour characteristics takes years off your face and enhances your complexion whilst adding vibrance.

Do you know if you have warm or cool colouring?

Did you know we can determine this by your skins under tone, which falls into one of nine colour directions or groups.Our Colour Analysis service is an in-depth and very educational 2 Hour service we offer by our highly skilled Colour Analysis Consultants. Client’s who book this service are quite blown away by just how much of a role colour plays in their day to day look and how choosing the right colours pertaining to them can change their look entirely. 

By booking an in-depth Colour Analysis you will learn everything there is to know about what colours work for you and which do not.

Your in-depth and very exciting analysis starts with your Colour Analysis Consultant coming to either your home or chosen location. They will start by working out your value and colour contrast levels along with going through each of the colours within your swatch set.

Yourself and your consultant will then evaluate each of them, picking the best eye and skin enhancing colours as well assessing your light, dark, neutral, fashion [bright] and investment colours.

Perfect for:

This service is perfect for those who require an in-depth understanding about which colours work for them and which do not.
Your Colour Analysis Consultant will work with you to establish which colours have undertones of ‘warm’ or ‘cool’ in them so you can then identify which shades or tints of colour to look out for when you're out buying new clothes, make up and accessories.
Further to this, you will be introduced to fabrics in this all inclusive service which will give you a strong education of the different weaves, textiles and finishes that will enhance your colouring and have you glowing flawlessly. 

Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Canberra, Perth & Adelaide

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Service Cities: This service can take place at any shopping location within the below mentioned cities. Additional service cities are available upon request.
Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, *Gold Coast [travel fee applicable], Perth & Adelaide
Cost: Prices vary depending on how many hours you book for any straight shopping service.