2 Hour Shop with Wardrobe Audit

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2 Hour Shop with Wardrobe Audit

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This Service Includes:

  • 1-Hour Wardrobe Audit with 2-Hour Shop

  • Comprehensive digital post consultation Style Guide.This detailed and personalised guide pertains to everything from your body shape to colours, brands and styles that you should lean towards and avoid. It also covers hair, make-up and skincare, along with savvy styling tips relative to your lifestyle and newly updated personal style.

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This thorough and fun package is one not to be missed! It combines two of our most popular services, 1 Hour Wardrobe Audit followed by a 2 Hour Shop and takes place all on the same day.

Our 1 Hour Wardrobe Audit with 2 Hour Shop Package not only includes a productive 2 hours at the shops with your very own fashion stylist but also combines a productive 1 hour wardrobe consultation that begins at your home and which really gets to the nitty-gritty of what's working in your wardrobe to what's missing.

Part 1. See Wardrobe Audit for full inclusions

  • Wardrobe Assessment - Analyising what is being worn and what isn’t along with identifying what key pieces are missing

  • Co-Ordination - Getting your wardrobe in a working and more efficient order

  • Application - Mixing and matching existing pieces, advising of pieces that can be salvaged through alterations and which pieces have seen better days.

This also includes the opportunity for you to be able to photograph these complete looks [flat lays] so that you can keep these as references for when you’re dressing.

Part 2. See 2 Hour Shop for full inclusions

Shopping - Picking up those pieces that are missing from your wardrobe by filling in the gaps

As there are so many factors that influence one’s shopping habits and impulse buying, your stylist will ensure that you gain an understanding of how to shop efficiently and effectively thus eliminating the risk of slipping into old, [and possibly] bad habits when shopping on your own.

Your stylist will help you find all the key pieces on your wish list and assist you with how to put whole outfits together.

Your stylist’s aim will be to give you the knowledge and confidence to be able to shop alone and shop smart in the future, arming you with the know-how of being able to make informed purchases and ensuring that you aren’t buying things that are only going to sit in your wardrobe unworn.

Your stylist will also encourage you to ask yourself a series of questions before you make a purchase and teach you about what styles flatter and complement your body shape and how to know when a garments fits you properly.

By the end of your shopping component of this service, you will have a strong understanding of which brands, styles, colours and fabrics work for your shape, colouring, budget and lifestyle on top of gaining some incredible pieces to inject straight back into your wardrobe to help round it out.

Perfect for:

The perfect service for anyone who wants to get their overall style and wardrobe in complete order, all whilst coming at a discounted cost.

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Service Cities: This service can take place at any shopping location within the below mentioned cities. Additional service cities are available upon request.
Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Canberra, Perth & Adelaide