Womens Personal Styling Overview

Have a special occasion you need to find that perfect outfit for? Or simply need a wardrobe update? Perhaps you’re starting a new job or your body shape has changed since having a baby or you’re simply in a style rut? Whatever your reason, The Style Agency will ensure that you’re matched to the right stylist and all of your styling needs are met.

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Models and celebrities have Personal Stylists, why shouldn't you?
Book in for your one-on-one personal styling session or explore our exciting duo and group services be it to do with your partner, BFF or other family members and friends.

Have a special occasion you need to find that perfect outfit for? Or simply need a wardrobe update? Perhaps you’re starting a new job or your body shape has changed since having a baby or you’re simply in a style rut? Whatever your reason, The Style Agency will ensure that you’re matched to the right stylist and all of your styling needs are met.

Your Personal Stylist will be a valuable asset to you in all aspects of your personal appearance and image.

VIP Treatment
Get ready for the VIP treatment you always dreamt of and receive exclusive discounts when shopping with a Style Agency stylist with an abundance of retailers. This exclusive saving often see’s our clients saving a fair amount of money that the fee they pay to have a stylist ends up paying for itself through amazing retail store discounts!

Note that The Style Agency does not have any financial affiliations with any retailers and do not receive any incentives of any form from any retailers. Any discounts or extras offered are always passed onto our clients at time of service.

Our Point Of Difference Unlike other industry entities The Style Agency match their clients to their stylist based off their styling needs rather than one stylist being appointed to all clients no matter what their demographics, gender, styling needs or lifestyle.

The Style Agency represent only the very best fashion creative’s who are not only personal stylists but are also editorial and celebrity stylists, meaning that they are responsible for creating the looks you see in magazine’s.

All of our women’s personal styling services [no matter what service you choose] include body shape and general colour analysis.

Your stylist is matched to you based off your styling needs, location [or location you choose for your service], shopping budget [should your service include a shopping component within], demographics and any requirements you may have.

This is all determined via a detailed client form that you will be emailed upon paying for your service.

Following any Style Agency booking all clients receive a complimentary in-depth and comprehensive digital post consultation Style Guide. This detailed and personalised guide pertains to everything from their body shape to colours, brands and styles that they should lean towards and avoid.

Womens Personal Styling Services

Duo & Group Styling Services

Bridal Styling Services

  • I have had a lot of pleasure wearing my new purchases, and feel I achieved a lot in a short time, with her help. It was a lot of fun to hear her say to the sales people in the shops: “I'm her personal stylist” - made me feel like a celeb
    — Lori Katzer, 50, Marketing Agent

    The Style 3 Hour Shop, NZ

  • I already have received lots of compliments for my outfits (even from my husband!) I would love for Bridgette to help me sort out my existing wardrobe and hope to make another booking soon.
    — Ilse T & Natalie T

    Mother & Daughter Makeover

  • This has been my second style session with The Style Agency and their stylist Amy. I went to the first session after some weight-loss, hoping for a confidence boost and she over delivered
    — Claire McWilliam

    The Style Makeover + The Style 3 Hour Shop

  • It made shopping fun rather than a chore and I would highly recommend Clare from The Style Agency as a fantastic personal stylist!
    — Reenah, 26

    Style Wardrobe Audit

Common Questions

Do I need a personal styling service, and am I really in a style rut?

If you answer yes to 2 or more of the below, then yes we feel that a professionally guided personal styling service would be an asset to you.

When out shopping, do you find yourself faced with so many choices (making any purchases frustrating and confusing) yet not enough answers, clear direction and confidence in what you are looking for?  Has your body shape and/or lifestyle changed but your wardrobe has not?  Are the clothes you wear a poor reflection of you and how you want to be perceived?  Do you rely on sales staff for clothing and accessories advise?    Do you know how to shop for your shape or are you guessing and hoping for the best each and every time you try on or buy something?   Do you constantly find yourself regretting purchases?  Do you only wear black or wear it way too often because you’re scared or unsure of colour or do not know what colours flatter you so you stick to the same trusty black clothes in the wardrobe each and every time?   Is your wardrobe due for some real direction and advice?  Are you clueless when it comes to mixing and matching pieces together that you may currently own?   Are you unsure of whether you can wear pastels, earthy tones, patterns or bright colours?  Are you time poor and lack the inspiration to shop efficiently? 

If so, then make an enquiry and be on your way to shopping more happily and efficiently! Be amazed by how easy it is to learn what exactly works for you with your very own personal fashion stylist. Learn all there is to know about looking great whilst still remaining true to yourself and feeling like you- just a more styled you!

Discover how to make a more flattering and gorgeous you just by being introduced to a whole new way of shopping. 

Personal Stylists aren’t just for the rich and famous... Our qualified and professional team of stylists are available to everyone no matter what their gender, size, current style, shopping budget, social status or lifestyle.

Everyone wants to feel and look their best so that’s what we help ensure you do with all the right direction and knowledge with a personally tailored shopping trip, makeover or wardrobe audit to suit your needs, location, lifestyle, body shape and budget.

I really need some new wardrobe options but I don’t have a big shopping budget, can you help?

Thinking that a purpose filled day at the stores might be in order? Make shopping a delight and no longer a chore! You’ll enjoy every aspect of your shop with your friendly and shopping savvy stylist as you’ll be trying on clothes that work for you and discovering new accessible looks that flatter not only your shape but your budget and new style.

Save a packet by knowing where and how to shop and look forward to saying goodbye to those often expensive and regretted fashion purchases. From then on, you’ll be dressing to flatter without feeling uncomfortable or unsure. Just imagine waking up each and everyday with a smile on your face knowing that you have clothes to wear which work for you!

Our shopping savvy stylists are expert in working with all budgets [no matter how big or small] and are able to introduce clients to brands that are relative to their styling needs, location and comfortable shopping spend.

Experience affordable, independent and unbiased professional style and image advice from Australia’s leading personal styling agency.

Whether it be a little something nice for yourself or a spoiling gift for someone that deserves a little or a lot of pampering, The Style Agency's personal fashion styling services and gift vouchers are the ultimate in fun and exciting indulgence for any one of any age, gender or shape. They offer the very best for real people!

What are some of the reasons I might have for wanting to book in a personal styling service?

There are many… Here are a few:

1. You're in a rut, always buying the same thing and due to that, sticking to the same look over and over again and never feel like you're truly showcasing yourself in the way you'd like to as your “look” has no reflection on who you are. 

2. You have a few soon-to-expire retail gift vouchers that need a focused and well organised workout rather than a useless spend.

3. You’re very much over your day-in, day-out look.

4. You’ve had a baby in the past few years and have found that your body shape has changed yet your wardrobe has not?

5. You get overwhelmed when you walk into a store and see all the choices, a form of mental paralysis sets in and you leave with nothing except a heightened sense of frustration. 

6. You have an important event or job interview coming up and need to feel prepared and develop more confidence. As a result you are likely to gain an advantage over the others or leave a strong impression.

7. Or perhaps, you just feel clueless in general about how to put yourself together and are needing a little guidance. 

Having someone with an objective and professional expert eye can make all the difference to not only your personal image but life. These are just a few of the many reasons for engaging a Personal Fashion Stylist today.

If I include a wardrobe audit, do I have to get rid of a lot of things?

Our role as Personal Stylists is to guide you in making decisions about your wardrobe. You make the final decision about what to get rid of, store away, donate, have altered, or keep. Often pieces that aren’t working can salvaged through alterations. Your Fashion Stylist has a discerning eye and will certainly advise of options.

Do I choose where we shop or does the Personal Fashion Stylist?

Choosing where to shop is a collaborative effort. We guide you based on your location, styling needs and budget. With that said if you have a favourite shopping spot you’re welcome to have your service take place wherever you like it’s completely up to you and so long as it is located within a service city noted for that specific service.

How organised do I need to be in advance for a wardrobe consultation?

That's completely up to you. Some clients lay things out that they are particularly interested in addressing first and others just open their closet doors and we start at the very beginning!  To maximise your wardrobe consultation time, prior to your consultation please… Go through your wardrobe and pull out all the items you especially have concerns or questions about. This is the pile of clothing that your stylist will prioritise for review. Pull all of your shoes and accessories out of their boxes/cupboards and line them up in rows near your wardrobe. Identify in advance two key outfits to show your stylist at the start of your consultation: 
1. Your best/favourite outfit to wear if you were going out with friends. 
2. Your typical “everyday” outfit that you would wear to work or to the shops /running errands.

By implementing the above we can then not only assess each piece you own but also match pieces up together to give some extra insight as to what works with what in your wardrobe from styles, colours and individual pieces. This also gives you the opportunity to take snaps of these for visual reference post styling session.

Do Personal Stylists work with plus size women?

We work with men and women of all sizes and body shapes. We know for a fact that anyone, regardless of size and shape, can be the most breathtaking in the room. Our goal as Personal Stylists is to help you feel and radiate your individual beauty! Besides, even in the modelling world plus sized models are just as sort after as petite models.

Is there anything else I need to know before working with a Personal Fashion Stylist?

Just one thing. As Personal Fashion Stylists, we have one shopping rule: You must try on anything we ask you to try on. You don't have to buy it, but trying it on can be eye opening and expand your options of colours, styles and fabrics that look fabulous on you! 

Now... Let’s get stylin’..!